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Enea selected by Electrolux Small Appliances

Electrolux Small Appliances chooses Enea Linux v3.0 for state-of-the-art embedded Linux solution in future appliances

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, July 15, 2013 – On July 10 Enea announced the signing of a strategic Linux agreement. Today Enea can disclose that the agreement was signed with the global R&D organization within Electrolux Small Appliances, the business sector for vacuum cleaners and small domestic appliances.

“This agreement is of strategic importance, since Electrolux Small Appliances are early adopters of the Enea Linux 3.0 offering from Enea”, said Anders Lidbeck, President and CEO, Enea. “The agreement proves the applicability and technological relevance of Enea Linux in demanding products, not only in telecom but in other verticals. Further, as the Linux market is developing very quickly, the agreement is a testament that Enea’s technology roadmap and business model bring the capacity, flexibility, and cost effectiveness that customers need in order to succeed.”

"We want to be able to fulfill increasing demands on functionality, system robustness and stability, and our appliances are growing more technically advanced, interacting with the world around us”, said Curt Nyberg, Chief Technology Officer at Electrolux Small Appliances. “We are happy to have made this agreement with Enea as we have similar common interests in making the best products and breaking new technology grounds. Together, we are building a future proof platform with a fast feature growth, allowing us to innovate and incorporate new technologies into our products."

About Enea Linux 3.0

Enea drives the momentum of the open source evolution through community participation in the Yocto Project and the Linaro Networking group, and through a rich ecosystem of semiconductor vendors, Enea guarantees that any choice of hardware is supported. For extreme performance requirements the Enea Linux real-time solutions in multicore systems are of fundamental strength. Enea is with you every step of the way in your software project, with a global support organization.