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Enea Opens its Fourth Office in Sweden

Enea, the global software- and services company, will shortly open a new office in Sweden in the city of Västerås

Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA) today announced it is opening its fourth office in Sweden in the town of Västerås, just an hour's ride from the company headquarters in Stockholm. 

"Västerås has a strong and vital community of high-tech companies where we see a great potential for Enea's expertise in the development of high performance, extremely reliable and secure software solutions," said Gregory Singh, Senior Vice President, EMEA Services. "Opening this office will allow Enea to extend its services offerings, deliver enhanced customer service and tap the local consulting talent in an effort to be professional services provider of choice in the Västerås region."    

Enea has the ambition to grow the office with 20 engineers locally recruited by 2010.