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ENEA Joins eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance to Deliver Comprehensive Platform Software for Multi-Core Processors

Enea to Collaborate with Industry Leaders to Support Best in Class Multicore Technology

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 28 April, 2010 – Enea, (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced that it has become a member of the eNsemble(TM) Multi-Core Alliance, a premier industry organization founded to drive best-in-class innovations on multicore parallel processing platforms and software development.  Supported by a broad base of world-class hardware and software providers, the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance serves as the foundation upon which original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can more effectively and more efficiently develop high-performance networking equipment using industry-leading multicore processors. 

"Multicore processors are central to the deployment of rich-media services and the transition to all-IP networks by leading carriers and service providers worldwide," said Mathias Båth, senior vice president of marketing at Enea. "The eNsemble Alliance is poised to play a critical role in this transition by bringing together technology leaders to innovate and collaborate in order to accelerate the adoption of multicore processors."

"Enea is a premier provider of high-performance RTOS and Linux solutions for multi-core processors, and we welcome Enea as a valuable member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance," said Behrooz Abdi, executive vice president and general manager at NetLogic Microsystems, a founding member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance.  "By having a community of technology innovators who are respective leaders in their areas of expertise, the Alliance creates a platform on which these developers can innovate to create new, breakthrough applications and solutions that can take full advantage of the superior performance and functionality of multi-core processors."

As a founding member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance, NetLogic Microsystems is opening up the programming model for its family of market-leading multi-core, multi-threaded processors to Alliance members to allow greater access and tighter coupling between networking software and the XLR®, XLS® and XLP(TM) multi-core processors.  This enables significant improvements in the application development efficiency of software code and overall system performance.  In addition, the open platform enables the development of new enhanced services and applications for next-generation Internet networks that are highly optimized for multi-core, multi-threaded processors.

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