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Enea delivers an unprecedented combination of determinism and throughput in Linux

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, January 30, 2014 – Enea® (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced the first commercial release of Enea LightWeight RunTime (LWRT), making it possible for Communications and Networking equipment manufacturers to secure their software application investments over time, and facilitating a continuous technology evolution.

Enea LWRT is an execution environment contained in one Linux user space thread and makes use of the technique of CPU/core isolation. By partitioning the CPU cores of a multicore system, dedicated cores can be assigned to perform real-time tasks in separation from the non-real-time tasks. This helps bringing customers a deterministic Linux environment, and gives them optimal hardware utilization and application performance.

The benefits of Enea LWRT are most clearly visible in a Communications or Networking application context, e.g. in Radio Base Stations or Media Gateway platforms, where the needs for determinism, minimal interrupt latency, and high throughput are essential. Benchmark measurements show that Enea LWRT has an average interrupt latency comparable to Linux with the PREEMPT_RT patch, but with a worst case latency almost half as low, and a throughput  (netperf) almost twice as high.

For existing customers using Enea’s compact kernel RTOS Enea OSEck, Enea LWRT is the best alternative when introducing Linux into their products. It is a natural technology bridge preserving their existing architectures and securing their software application investments over time.

Enea is today a world leader in Linux system partitioning when applying the NO_HZ patch in a commercial context, a position gained from the process of developing Enea LWRT. Enea is heavily involved in the associated Community work, and continues to invest into the evolution of LWRT and its applicability to a wider market, by adding POSIX APIs to the solution. This will enable optimal performance and determinism when running both real-time OSEck applications and pure Linux applications on top of LWRT. At last native Linux will then have an extension available, capable of fully satisfying the ever increasing industry demands for system wide performance, robustness and efficiency.

About Enea Linux Enea drives the momentum of the open source evolution through community participation in the Yocto Project and the Linaro Networking group, and through a rich ecosystem of semiconductor vendors, Enea guarantees that any choice of hardware is supported. For extreme performance requirements the Enea Linux real-time solutions in multicore systems are of fundamental strength. Enea is with you every step of the way in your software project, with a global support organization.