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Enea appoints Håkan Gustavson as new CFO

Enea has recruited Håkan Gustavson as new Chief Financial Officer, CFO. Håkan Gustavson, born 1958, has extensive financial and operations experience with international companies.

Following a period of significant rationalizations and restructuring, Enea now enters a phase of increasing market orientation based on a global software offering. This creates demand for an internationally experienced and business oriented CFO. “Håkan has a profile and personality that is an excellent fit in Enea’s repositioning to a global software company”, says Johan Wall, President and CEO of Enea. Håkan Gustavson’s experience includes having worked for five years as CFO/COO in London for the international advertising network Young & Rubicam, and the media agency group MediaEdgeCIA EMEA. Håkan Gustavson enters his position as CFO for Enea on September 1, 2005.