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Enea Announces Telco Development Platform on HP ProLiant m800

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, October 6, 2014. Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic: ENEA), a leading operating system solution vendor within the communication domain, today announced the Enea Telco Development Platform for the HP ProLiant m800 server cartridge, part of the HP ProLiant Moonshot portfolio. The platform decouples network functions from the underlying hardware and abstracts the hardware complexity. This helps to reduce time-to-market, increase re-usability, and reduce risk and cost when network equipment providers or communications service providers build their network applications.

The Enea Telco Development Platform for HP ProLiant m800 reinforces Enea's focus and leadership in providing software solutions for the ARM architecture and multicore digital signal processors.

“We have taken proven and widely deployed key building blocks that carrier grade applications rely on, and we now deliver them as one pre-integrated platform on top of HP's hardware”, said Daniel Forsgren, SVP Product Management, Enea. “Customers can now focus on their differentiating network functionality and benefit from using standard hardware and software that ensures manageability, reliability and elastic utilization of system resources.”

Deploying existing vertically integrated network functions on commercially available, open standards-based servers has never been easier. The Enea Telco Development Platform offers an accelerated start, both when migrating existing applications and when developing new ones.

“The HP ProLiant m800 has been engineered from ground up with a specialized focus on telco workloads,” said Susan Blocher, vice president of Business Development and Marketing, HP Moonshot. “The HP ProLiant m800 with the Enea operating system and Element application framework helps telcos substantially improve time to market of new applications.”

The Enea Telco Development Platform is available immediately for trial and commercial use.