Openwave Mobility Develops An Industry First: 4K Ultra-HD Video Optimization for Mobile Devices

Next Generation Video Optimization Offers Five Times More Data Savings

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.– October 13, 2014 – Openwave Mobility, a software innovator enabling operators to manage and monetize mobile data, is the first company to provide comprehensive optimization for 4K Ultra-HD video on mobile networks. It offers carriers up to five times more data savings compared to previous technologies. Openwave Mobility’s DynaMO, is now capable of optimizing High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) to achieve optimum HD video playback on mobile devices.

DynaMO seamlessly manages the competing next generation video formats, H.265 and VP9, without degrading quality. HEVC has been touted as the pathway to bring 4K Ultra HD video to mobile devices. The video formats are more than twice as efficient as previous generations, but have until now proven to be challenging to optimize. As well as optimizing HEVC, DynaMO is capable of recoding older video formats into HEVC in order to provide further data savings for operators.

“Mobile video already accounts for over half of the data on mobile networks and HD video is going to be a major concern for operators who already have heavily burdened networks,” said Matt Halligan, Chief Technology Officer at Openwave Mobility. “Our progress on HEVC optimization will help operators prepare for Next Generation HD video and help reduce the amount of video data traffic dramatically. The inclusion of 4K Ultra HD video optimization demonstrates our commitment to innovation. By providing optimization solutions for next generation codecs, Openwave Mobility is once again ahead of the curve.”

DynaMO is the industry’s first NFV-ready audio, HD and media optimization solution to help carriers manage the bandwidth constraints on their networks. DynaMO uses a combination of contextually-selective and congestion-aware optimization techniques to provide the highest quality video experience for users. Taking into account each subscriber’s device, it intelligently adapts video optimization to fit the original video. The solution monitors individual users’ data sessions, optimizing videos only when networks are congested and to the extent where smooth playback can be achieved.

DynaMO’s HEVC optimization is available for trials and demos immediately.

About Openwave Mobility

Openwave Mobility enables operators to manage and monetize mobile data using the industry’s most scalable, Layer7 SDN/NFV platform. The company operates within the policy control and charging (PCC) space and delivers Policy Engagement with solutions that include Video Optimization to eliminate data congestion, and Mobile Data Charging and Analytics to increase ARPU through personalized data plans. These solutions are supplemented by Subscriber Data Management, providing a single consolidated store for policy and subscriber data, and Mobile Analytics, providing subscriber segmentation and Business Intelligence.

Openwave Mobility delivers over 40 billion transactions daily and over half a billion subscribers worldwide use data services powered by its solutions. The company’s global customer base consists of over 40 of the largest communication service providers including AT&T, Du, KDDI, Rogers, Sprint, Telus, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Telstra, Virgin Mobile & Vodafone. Openwave Mobility is owned by Marlin Equity Partners, a leading investment firm with over a billion dollars of capital under management that has publicly committed to building the company through expanded investment in R&D. The company has built a robust portfolio of Intellectual Property, which is growing month by month.

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