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Aptilo and Inizio Initiate a Collaboration on Location-Based Mobile Surveys

STOCKHOLM — November 27, 2017 — Getting free access to Wi-Fi in public environments such as malls, airports and cafes is a given nowadays. Users also expect the fast internet via Wi-Fi they enjoy in their homes. For the site owners, this means increased costs of delivering a high-quality Wi-Fi connection while receiving less direct income from the sale of the Wi-Fi service. Venues may focus on indirectly earning money with Wi-Fi in terms of increased customer loyalty and opportunities to sell, for example, targeted and location-based marketing toward users. In many markets, users are happy to receive targeted ads and provide information about themselves in exchange for quality, free Wi-Fi, as they themselves have become product.

Aptilo Networks and the digital market research company Inizio announce a collaboration which brings new market research and analysis to a new dimension. People who sign-in to Wi-Fi can receive some questions about their experience of the site, for example, if they have seen a certain advertising message on the site. Delivery takes place in one overview dashboard solution to the client (e.g. advertiser or store owner). The result is used for business development, ad quotation or for a customer satisfaction index.

The advantages of this solution are that companies obtain data about how the audience perceives the brand directly in connection with exposure. The solution combines the location-based market research with customer segmentation and behavioral data to allow sharper and deeper insights.

“Inizio’s method and Aptilo’s solution represent a big step forward when it comes to getting a more accurate customer experience in terms of data quality and understanding customer behavior in connection with buying decisions. Aptilo is the progressive partner with a stable technical platform that enables this,” says Mikael Larsson at Inizio.

“Thanks to the solution that Aptilo and Inizio have developed together, we give the site owners the opportunity to earn money on their Wi-Fi services in a completely new way. Insights on the users are key to this. The precision and quality of these insights are of high market value,” says Jan Sjönell at Aptilo.

About Aptilo Networks
Aptilo Networks is the world leader in managing large-scale Wi-Fi services with over 100 operator customers in more than 75 countries. Our system helps our customers with advanced features for authentication, policy control and charging.

About Inizio
Inizio is a digital market research company with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm with international scope with customers vary from media companies to advertisers and other community actors. (