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Don’t be Surprised. Be Ready.


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Enea will be at Mobile World congress 2023

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Energy Savings

Enea’s traffic management solutions can reduce an operator’s end-to-end network power consumption by 10% or more, using intelligent software only. For a typical operator, this corresponds to $10,000,000 in yearly savings.

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Network Security

Our network security solutions already protect over 2.6 billion subscribers worldwide against signaling attacks and messaging frauds. And not just subscribers. They also protect networks and nations, securing critical data, revenue, and services.

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Network Profitability

Consolidating core data applications can save over 50% of data management OpEx, and moving to the cloud could save 25%. Stratum is a cloud-native network data layer for consolidating data silos.

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Cathal McDaid, CTO at Enea AdaptiveMobile Security,  shared his thoughts about ‘The Mobile Network Battlefield – Recognizing the role of telecoms during conflict’ at the SEC CON program.

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Boosting Suricata With Next-Gen Deep Packet Inspection

Don’t be Surprised. Be Ready.

We collected some interesting facts about the telecom industry that mobile operators may find surprising. Browse through the ad gallery to see why they are relevant to how we at Enea can help operators improve security, boost profitability, and save energy.


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