Unique insights into next-generation location tracking attacks exploiting the SS7 Network

Through the continued research of Enea’s Threat Intelligence Unit, the Company has detected an increasing level of sophistication in how attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in the SS7 network.

Examples of multiple location tracking platforms have been discovered monitoring the location of subscribers, spanning multi-operators and multi-countries.

Enea Adaptive Mobile’s  latest insights on SS7:

Profiling Russian Operators emerging in occupied Southern Ukraine

  • The third part of this blog series gives an update on the mobile network battlefield in Ukraine, profiling the Russian operators emerging in occupied territories

Tracking the Trackers: The most advanced rogue systems exploiting the SS7 Network today

Spectrum of Violence: Mobile Network-enabled Attacks in Hybrid Warfare

      • This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the usage of mobile networks for various cyber-attacks as part of a warfare strategy.

Tracking the Trackers: The most advanced rogue systems exploiting the SS7 Network today

      • Discover what are some of the most complex – and potentially the most interesting – types of SS7 attacker, the advanced location tracking platforms

Can they hear you now? Hacking Team & SS7

      • Analysis of the use of SS7 when Hacking Team, an Italian-based seller of surveillance technology, had its servers hacked


Watching the Watchers – How Surveillance Companies are Exploiting Mobile Networks

Real World SS7 Attacks – evidence, analysis & prevention

        • Discover how location tracking attacks work over SS7 and Diameter, the distribution of these attacks and the types of individuals who are targeted in this presentation by Enea AdaptiveMobile Security CTO, Cathal Mc Daid.

Enea AdaptiveMobile webinar on SS7

Real World SS7 Attacks – evidence, analysis & prevention

        • Cathal Mc Daid, Head of Enea AdaptiveMobile’s Threat Intelligence Unit, presents the latest facts and analysis on SS7 in this webinar

Enea AdaptiveMobile SS7 news announcements

22 February 2016: MWC exclusive: Enea AdaptiveMobile exposes the Where and How of the latest SS7 location tracking attacks

18 February 2016: Latest Exploitation of SS7 Network – Next Generation of Location Tracking Attacks

15 October 2015: AdaptiveMobile finds evidence of the real damage of global SS7 attacks

24 February 2015: AdaptiveMobile launches SS7 Protection to secure operator core networks against privacy and fraud attacks