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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) & fixed access – Its about Super Fast access isn’t it? Faster is better, isn’t it?

Well not always….Customer surveys found that reliability and cost also matter. After all – we depend on this service from our ISPs but there a demands both on the user’s budget as well as backhaul capacity (and cost). In effect you get what you pay for – and consumers are more educated about what they want and how much they are willing to pay.

Creating different access plans for users (uplink & downlink) allows more user’s to stay connected and enables upsell of new packages. The user will always think of this as ‘speed’ of the internet but we know it is bandwidth. We have seen this work in different markets where plans are set up for Individuals, for families, for users’ working from home and enterprises.

Its time to expand the ISP playing field, moving beyond two or three fixed plans into data access offers that are a lot more flexible.

The user identification, policy management, enforcement can’t all be done at the Broadband Access Server or Router– its’ not the right tool for this task as functionally uplink and downlink bandwidth can’t be flexibly controlled, advanced user policies on quota (Fixed Wireless Access, FTTH) can’t be easily set up.

Managing IP Backhaul is also a key business factor as interconnect & international gateway costs are dependent on Gbps and have to be managed for a predictable business.

Enea brings’ its mobile broadband, telecom and traffic management experience as the right tool set for this task. The experience of being in the data path, qualifying different user and device flows and managing throughput with reliability is our key strength.

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Enea’s software is trusted by 100+ Communications Service Providers (CSPs) from all over the globe that choose best of breed.

Enea's solutions are trusted by 100+ CSP all over the globe.