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5G Network Slicing Security in 5G Core Networks

A security risk for enterprises using network slicing and a barrier for operators trying to open up new enterprise 5G revenues.

In this white paper, Enea AdaptiveMobile Security explains how 5G slicing works, and the security within it. As part of this, it uncovers details of a major security flaw in the architecture of 5G Network Slicing and Virtualized Network Functions.

The vulnerability discovered by our research impacts enterprise customers using network slicing, leaving them exposed to malicious cyberattacks such as denial of service and data breach. AdaptiveMobile Security has been working in conjunction with the GSMA, operators and standards bodies to address the issue and update architectures to prevent exploitation.

Network Slicing Main Attack Scenarios:

  • User data extraction through location tracking attacks.
  • Denial of service against another network function.
  • Access to a network function and related information of another vertical.

“Currently, the impact on real-world applications of this network slicing attack is only limited by the number of slices live in 5G networks globally. The risks, if this fundamental vulnerability in the design of 5G standards had gone undiscovered, are significant. Having brought this to the industry’s attention through the appropriate forums and processes, we are glad to be working with the operator and standards communities to highlight this issue and promote best practice going forward.”

5G Security Research Team at Enea AdaptiveMobile Security
What is 5G Network Slicing?

Network slicing allows a mobile operator to divide their network into multiple distinct virtual blocks that provide different amounts of resources and prioritization to different types of traffic.

Why will Network Slicing be so important for 5G?

Network slicing will allow operators to provide portions of their networks for specific customer use cases in verticals such as Automotive, Healthcare and Entertainment. As a result, the network is open to many partners and sliced into use cases and vertical-specific blocks.

5G Network Slicing Security

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