Take Control of Your A2P SMS Grey Route Traffic

Protect against revenue leakage from grey route and SIMBanks delivery to enhance A2P traffic revenues and profits.


SMS Grey Route and SIMBank Fraud Protection


A2P traffic revenues are lost through unauthorised Grey Routes, hitting mobile operators with a loss of profit of over $3.5 million per month, as well as the increase of unwanted SMS phishing and spam.

Enea AdaptiveMobile’s Messaging Protection Platform helps operators to:

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Tackle SMS Grey Route Fraud

Identify in-network Grey Route traffic including SIMBanks and Service Gateways. Enables operators to control this traffic, thus recover revenue lost.


  • Policing messages entering operator’s network to ensure only monetized and approved routes are used.
  • Zero impact for legitimate users.
  • Proven reduction in messaging abuse and subscriber complaints




Grow A2P SMS Grey Route Revenues

Providing A2P service revenue owners with the tools and intelligence to establish new monetized relationships with the brands and organisations using grey routes.

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Discover how we save mobile operators more than USD$40 million per year >

“Between 2020-2024, revenue leakage to grey routes remains unacceptably high, with a cumulative loss of $37.1 billion, or an annual average leakage of $7.69 billion. Much work is still to be done to make every network secure and every subscriber safe.”



Complete A2P SMS Grey Route Traffic Control

Providing the expertise to manage, detect and respond to SMS grey route fraud, Enea AdaptiveMobile is the trusted partner to assess and protect against individual network revenue leakage, and prevent grey routes from moving to other non-authorized routes, such as national interconnects, SIMBanks or national value-added service providers.

SMS Grey Route Protection

Start Tackling SMS Grey Route Fraud & Growing revenue

Contact us to learn how Enea AdaptiveMobile’s Messaging Security Platform is helping the world’s leading Mobile Operators, aggregators and CPaaS (Communication platform as a Service) providers to grow their brands, reputation and revenues.