Take Control of Your A2P SMS Grey Route Traffic

Protect against revenue leakage from grey route and SIMBanks delivery to optimize A2P traffic revenues and profits.

The root of A2P revenue loss

SMS Grey Route and SIMBank Fraud

Grey routes are complex networks of interconnecting global routes which are in breach of operators’ commercial terms. Legitimate messages are fraudulently re-routed via grey routes, depleting operator revenues, and leaving brands exposed to breaches in security and compliance.  

SIMBank fraud, for example, involves the use of hundreds of cheap SIM cards to route international calls back into the network as local calls. While the caller is charged a high international rate, local rates are paid to the carrier, with the difference scooped up by fraudsters. 

Significant A2P traffic revenues are lost through unauthorised Grey Routes, hitting mobile operators with a loss of profit of over $3.5 million per month, in addition to increases in unwanted SMS phishing and spam. 

“Between 2020-2024, revenue leakage to grey routes remains unacceptably high, with a cumulative loss of $37.1 billion, or an annual average leakage of $7.69 billion. Much work is still to be done to make every network secure and every subscriber safe.”


The Good News: Operators can Turn Grey to Gold

SMS grey route detection

Tackle SMS Grey Route Fraud

In-network Grey Route traffic including SIMBanks and Service Gateways can be identified, enabling operators to control this traffic, and recover revenue lost.


  • Police messages entering your network to ensure only monetized and approved routes are used.
  • Minimize impact for legitimate users.
  • Reduce messaging abuse and subscriber complaints

Turn Grey to Gold

Grow A2P SMS Grey Route Revenues

By investing in the right tools and intelligence, operators can establish new monetized relationships with the brands and organizations using grey routes. 

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SMS Grey Route Protection

Start Tackling SMS Grey Route Fraud & Growing revenue

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