5G Secured From the Inside Out

5G network security is an order of magnitude more complex than any previous mobile technologies. The attack surface is bigger and the attack tools are more widely available. Cybercriminals are aware and ready, are you?

Vulnerabilities in 5G

5G Networks are Insecure

With the pace of 5G deployment accelerating across the globe, concerns are growing over the challenge of security. 5G is exponentially more complex than previous networks. Enhanced capabilities mean more individuals, businesses, and societies will come to rely on 5G as critical infrastructure. This means a broader attack surface for threat actors, and greater consequences resulting from security breaches. Despite the promise of security being designed in to 5G networks, reliance on legacy protocols will continue in 5G, bringing old vulnerabilities with it. Advanced threat actors will exploit those weaknesses to infiltrate “more secure” 5G networks.

Cyber Attacks on Mobile Networks

5G Networks are Prime Targets for Threat Actors

Threat actors, including nation-states and cybercriminals, will seek to weaponize 5G networks for a range of malicious purposes, including but not limited to influencing societies and political processes, theft, and fraud. Attackers will seek to exploit 5G vulnerabilities, as they have in previous networks, to conduct location tracking, data exfiltration, message interception and more. Not only do these attacks endanger mobile subscribers, they also have financial and reputational implications for operators.

What About 5G Network Slicing?

Enea’s industry leading researchers previously detected a security flaw in 5G network slicing, giving cybercriminals the opportunity to perform data extraction and other attacks. 5G networks need to be protected internally from rogue slices compromised by threat actors.

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Secure Your 5G Network With Intelligence

Amidst the numerous security events ocurring on mobile networks daily, mobile operators must be able to prioritize those with the highest threat level. This can be done through advanced AI, threat detection, and security expertise.  



Signaling Intelligence Tailored to 5G

With the migration from 4G over to 5G Core Networks, more advanced attacks are anticipated due to a wider attack surface. Security specialists analyze threat data to predict multi-protocol attacks, so mobile networks can ensure the right defenses are in place in 5G.


“5G is driving the mobile industry into adopting the technology and techniques of the IT world to increase efficiency and improve functionality. However, while laudable, there needs to be a wider mindset change. When it comes to securing 5G, the telecoms industry needs to embrace a holistic and collaborative approach to secure networks across standards bodies, working groups, operators and vendors.”

-5G Security Research Team

5G Network Security

Stopping cyber-attacks before they reach your 5G network

Explore the ways Enea AdaptiveMobile’s Signaling Intelligence Layer can help defend your 5G network against signaling attacks.