5G Network Security Secured From the Inside Out

5G network security is an order of magnitude more complex than any previous mobile technologies. The attack surface is bigger and the attack tools are more widely available. Cybercriminals are aware and ready, are you?


Protecting 5G Networks Against Internal and External Security Threats

Security in 5G networks is not built in as we have been promised. Major vulnerabilities have already been exposed even before the technology has been deployed. 5G network core technologies will be fundamentally insecure. Due to the conversions of IP and telecom protocols in 5G, attackers already have access to the tools and techniques that are known to be effective and easily accessible.

Enea AdaptiveMobile’s 5G Network Security solutions allows carriers to:

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First Unified 5G Security Solution

The Enea AdaptiveMobile 5G network security solution bring together a combination of cybersecurity solutions that operate in unison to secure 5G networks, Slices, Vertical APIs and Subscribers. This suite of security nodes provides a comprehensive security solution enhancing the industry standards and recommendations.

Solution Architecture
  • Enhanced Security Edge Protection Proxy (eSEPP)
  • Enhanced Service Communication Proxy (eSCP)
  • AdaptiveMobile Vertical API Protector

Access White Paper Securing SMS in 5G >

Enhanced Security Edge Protection Proxy (eSEPP)

It is critical that 5G networks are secured at interconnects. Encryption of connections end-to-end will not ensure security is maintained as nation state adversaries will use other perceived trusted networks to execute missions against your 5G network.

An enhanced eSEPP is required to secure both interconnected network and also other network infrastructure in a mixed 4G/5G network deployment.

Download White Paper Securing the Path from 4G to 5G >

Enhanced Service Communication Proxy (eSCP)

5G networks need to be protected internally from rogue slices compromised by threat actors. The Enea AdaptiveMobile eSCP enforces security zones inside the core network. Support of slicing security on information element level, performing load monitoring and management.

Download White Paper A Slice in Time:Slicing Security in 5G Core Networks>

Enea AdaptiveMobile Vertical API Protector

5G networks will expose new application APIs that create new attack vectors that must be secured. The Enea AdaptiveMobile API Security Filter for Verticals in 5G provides the security services for these APIs. Securing Northbound interface by verifying signalling and control communications these APIs can be protected from threat actors.


Signaling Intelligence tailored to 5G

With the migration from 4G over to 5G Core Networks, more advanced attacks are anticipated due to a wider attack surface. Our team of 5G security specialists are dedicated to predicting multi-protocol attacks and defending mobile networks against them.

Download the Report: 5G – The Security of Things to Come >

“5G is driving the mobile industry into adopting the technology and techniques of the IT world to increase efficiency and improve functionality. However, while laudable, there needs to be a wider mindset change. When it comes to securing 5G, the telecoms industry needs to embrace a holistic and collaborative approach to secure networks across standards bodies, working groups, operators and vendors.”

-5G Security Research Team


An essential layer of defense for mobile network operators

Amidst the numerous security events identified in mobile networks daily, SIGIL extricates and prioritizes those with the highest threat level. Employing state-of-the-art machine learning, threat detection and security expertise, SIGIL is an essential resource when it comes to the security of 5G networks.

5G Network Security

Stopping cyber-attacks before they reach your 5G network

Explore the ways Enea AdaptiveMobile’s Signaling Intelligence Layer can help defend your 5G network against signaling attacks.