Maximize your A2P SMS revenues

Are you an A2P messaging provider; how much profit can you make from your existing SME customers?

Enea AdaptiveMobile’s Cloud Messaging Firewall

When your CPaaS platform is a source of what carriers call regulated, malicious or unwanted content, your reputation is damaged and trust is lost, which may result in your company being blacklisted and your messages not being delivered.

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Manage and Enforce Legitimate A2P Traffic

Commercial Enterprise A2P messaging is the high-growth, higher margin service that enables enterprises and brands to communicate more effectively with their customers. Therefore it is catapulting a new wave of growth and innovation in CPaaS Providers, Aggregators, and Mobile Operators.


  • Detects and controls A2P messaging to appropriately price these SMS messages based on their value to the sender.
  • Detects and blocks abusive, threat and spam messages that may be present within this traffic.
  • Separates A2P from P2P traffic through message tagging.





Grow A2P SMS Revenues by Offering Long Code A2P Traffic

There’s an opportunity for operators to become the originators of enterprises’ long code A2P traffic, focussing on their existing SME customers.


  • Operators can recoup new service revenues from their SME customers by providing Long Code A2P messages.




Messaging for the Future: Securing SMS in 5G

This white paper digs into the SMS technology, determining the security implications to consider for SMS as mobile operators roll out 5G networks and migrate subscribers to the next generation of mobile networks.

PDF, 1.1MB

White Paper cover: Messaging for the Future: Securing SMS in 5G

Control A2P traffic. Grow SMS revenues.

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