Device Classification

A Non-Intrusive Solution for Connected Device Visibility

A Non-Intrusive Solution for Connected Device Visibility

Enea Qosmos LibDevice 2.0 is an agentless, passive device fingerprinting solution for access networks.

Available as an optional module with the Qosmos ixEngine or Qosmos Probe, LibDevice 2.0 enables solution vendors to enhance their products with precise, detailed profiles of 50K+ types of consumer, enterprise, and industrial devices. LibDevice 2.0 combines breadth of coverage, embedded deployment, and non-intrusive technology, making it the ideal tool for boosting the device recognition capabilities of existing products, or creating entirely new device-aware products—quickly, easily and profitably.

Device Classification with NG DPI

Qosmos ixEngine®, Enea’s embedded next-generation Deep Packet Inspection (NG DPI) engine, extracts device metadata (a.k.a. fingerprints) from network traffic flows, and provides this data to the LibDevice module for device identification.

If the device matches the profile of known devices stored in the local LibDevice look-up table, the device classification is then shared with the relevant networking or cybersecurity solution.

If the device is new or unknown, the data is sent via a REST API to a cloud fingerprint repository for identification. The device classification (along with a confidence score for the identification) is then returned via the API. This classification data is then provided to the appropriate networking or security solution, and added to the local device look-up table.

Device Profiling Service by Enea Qosmos LibDevice

Qosmos LibDevice Benefits

  • 100% Agentless & Passive
    Safe, high-performance use in all access networks
  • Best-In-Class Coverage & Acuracy
    Granular, accurate identification of 50K+ types of consumer, enterprise, and industrial devices
  • Embedded Software (SDK+API)
    Maximum product flexibility and revenue potential
  • Single-Source Solution
    Single supplier for traffic and device classification enabling fast time-to-market and offloaded development and maintenance
Qosmos LibDevice Benefits

Access the Full List of Devices Recognized by LibDevice

Enea proposes an on-line catalog, called DeviceBook, that lists all the devices recognized by Qosmos LibDevice. Advanced search functions can be used to find specific categories or types of device.


If you already have a login to access the DeviceBook


To request access to the DeviceBook


Device Classification Use Cases

LibDevice 2.0 brings valuable device awareness to many solutions in which the Qosmos ixEngine or Qosmos Probe are deployed:


Network Security
Enterprise Networking
Endpoint Management & Security
  • Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) & Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
Access Management & Security
  • Network Access Control (NAC) & Identity and Access Management (IA)


Qosmos LibDevice 2.0 for Device Classification

Qosmos LibDevice 2.0 for Device Classification