Embedded DPI & Traffic Intelligence

Cybersecurity, networking and telecom solution vendors embed Enea Qosmos Deep Packet Inspection and Traffic Intelligence software to enhance their solutions with accurate, real-time network traffic visibility.

The De Facto Industry Standard for Embedded Deep Packet Inspection

With 75% market share, Qosmos technology is the most widely deployed Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Traffic Intelligence technology in cybersecurity and networking solutions.

Enea Qosmos embedded Deep Packet Inspection and traffic intelligence products classify traffic in real-time and provide granular information about network activities. Available as a next-generation DPI (NG DPI) and classification engine SDK or a standalone network sensor, they support an extensive range of protocols and provide detailed traffic visibility to network equipment, telecom solutions, and cybersecurity software.

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Enea’s next-generation DPI engine, Qosmos ixEngine, identifies over 4300 applications and protocols, more than any other on the market.

Qosmos ProtoBook Light: Explore the list of applications and protocols recognized by Enea Qosmos technology!