5G Data Perspectives and Insights from Enea

Your Data Platform will make or break your 5G network

Industry analyst Dimitris Mavrakis of ABI Research examines the rise of the new Distributed Data Architectures and provides a strategy for operators to take back control of their data, and avoid vendor lock-in in this new report:

The Importance of Distributed Data Platforms for 5G

Discover Our 5G Data Management Portfolio

Enea’s complete 5G Data Management portfolio stores and manages data across all 5G core and edge functions, supporting multi-vendor 4G/5G interworking. Our cloud-native suite spans the common network data layer (NDL), scaling the control plane with critical 3GPP functions including UDM, UDR, UDSF, AUSF, PCF and EUNM/iDNS.

5G Demands Comprehensive Cloud Data Management

Data management needs of 5G are drastically different than those of earlier network generations. The solution is a network data layer in which each 5G Network Function (NF) is treated as a service.  Read blog post 

5 Reasons to Deploy a Best-of-Breed 5G Core

The benefits that justify an investment in 5G can only be exploited with a 5G standalone (SA) architecture and a prerequisite for this option is the deployment of a 5G core. Here is what constitutes a best-of-breed 5G core. Read blog post 

Heavy Reading: Best-in-Breed Data Management

Operators need to modernize their core networks and transition to cloud-native 5G core deployments. The importance of an independent network data layer should not be underestimated for a multi-vendor 5G core.



A Practical Strategy for a Common Network Data Layer

The operator needs to own the user data and the tools for its distribution and synchronization at scale; The data (subscribers, profiles, application, enterprise) is the most valuable commodity to the operator’s business. This is where the common network data layer comes in. Read article

Get the 5G Core Right – and Everything Else will Follow

The 5G core can be a double-edged sword. Get it wrong, and operators could be overwhelmed trying to manage the tsunami of data. Manage it right and the core can deliver substantial benefits. This is how to get it right from the start. Read interview