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Gaming is coming to your mobile network...

Mobile gaming on smartphone

... and your subscribers won't wait while their game buffers!

Video is THE most important element of the mobile experience for subscribers but it comes with huge expectation. Surveys* demonstrate that users will abandon a video or game that buffers. And with almost 80% of that video encrypted, most operators can't even see it, let alone manage it. How do you deliver the best possible video and gaming experience whilst minimizing your costs?

What's your mobile video strategy?

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Openwave Video Optimization

Adapts to traffic in real-time so you can trade off cost against QoE

Deployed in leading T1 networks worldwide, RAN Congestion Manager offers fully virtualized Machine Learning technology to intelligently manage video traffic.

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Openwave DPI and Content Filtering

Traffic Classifier and Traffic Filter safeguard users and protect your revenues

DPI and Categorization software provides an agile, comprehensive, network-based solution for analysis, classification and enforcement

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Openwave Integra NFV Platform

Best in class service orchestration and modular NFV platform

Highly modular architecture, low latency and high performance for both the signalling/control plane and the data/user plane. Enables encrypted application classification, and dynamic NFV service chaining

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How to Reduce Your RAN Congestion by 20%

Predictive congestion management based on machine learning is the latest technology deployed in Enea RAN Congestion Manager.

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