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Year-End Report for 2004

Increased Sales and Improved Result
– Repositioning Program Completed

Full Year • Net sales increased by 19 percent to SEK 656 (549) million. • Profit/loss after tax improved to SEK -6 (-42) million, equivalent to earnings per share of SEK -0.02 (-0.16). • Operating profit, excluding items affecting comparability, improved by SEK 50 million to SEK 18 (-32) million. • Cash flow from operating activities improved by SEK 60 million to SEK 26 (-34) million. • Implemented focus on the OSE software family, which involved cost reductions and a move to a more volumebased revenue model. • Transformation to a market-oriented global software company with local consulting focusing on telecommunications is ongoing. Fourth Quarter • Net Sales increased with 11 percent to SEK 186 (167) million, compared to same period previous year. • Operating profit, excluding items affecting comparability, increased by SEK 11 million to SEK 12 (1) million. • Operating margin excluding items affecting comparability increased to 7 (0) percent. • Software revenues for OSE licenses increased to SEK 66 (54) million with positive result. • The streamlining program was completed with divestment of Enea Redina AB to Guide Konsult Stockholm AB.