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Videns IT Services and Enea partner to deliver second-generation SD-WAN solutions and services

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, and AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands 4 June 2020. Enea, a global supplier of innovative software components for telecommunications and cybersecurity, and Videns IT Services, a network independent service provider delivering fully managed SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services, today announced that they have entered into a partnership enabling Videns to deliver second-generation SD-WAN solutions and services to customers worldwide. The services will be based on Enea NFV Access, a virtualization platform for universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE).

Ferran van den Berg, Director Sales and Business Development at Videns: “We see our partnership with Enea as strategically important. With Enea NFV Access we are able to deliver our services and solutions on a standardized platform called Videns Intelligent Edge. This approach offers significant benefits to Videns and our enterprise customers.”

Benefits include a more efficient service delivery process since the hardware is fully separated and uniform across all network services. Furthermore, Enea NFV Access is open and supports virtually any network environment and SD-WAN or SASE workload. This means that vendor lock-in situations will be avoided, and that customized solutions can always be offered.

The new partnership strengthens Videns IT Services’ value proposition to its customers by using a single appliance to run multiple services such as SD-WAN, Firewall, Application Monitoring, and even services such as local Active Directory controller, file or print servers or VoIP gateways. This allows international organizations to extend corporate IT to their branch offices in the most efficient and flexible way.

Before entering into the agreement with Enea, Videns tested several uCPE virtualization solutions. Ferran van den Berg: “We choose Enea’s virtualization platform because it provides the best fit with our needs. Enea NFV Access is tailor-made for uCPE environments and user friendly, which is an important factor for us as network specialists. And last but not least, we were very impressed with the proactive support we received from Enea during the evaluation process.”

Adrian Leufvén, Senior Vice President the OS Business Unit at Enea: “Videns IT Service is a great example of a new kind of innovative service provider with focus on flexible and agile networking services, exactly in line with enterprise needs for digital transformation. By working with Enea, Videns IT Services can provide a second-generation SD-WAN platform with unrivaled flexibility to match the high pace of innovation and change in enterprise networking.”


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