Enea NFV Access is a complete NFVI platform designed for deployment on white box uCPEs at the customer premise, and optimized for common vCPE and SD-WAN use cases. Not based on OpenStack, it is able to provide full throughput and performance with minimal footprint. It depends on as little as one core and scales to high-end Intel Xeon devices, leading to high deployment flexibility.



Future-Proofing SD-WAN: Building on Open and Cost-Effective uCPE

This SDXCentral webinar examines how to build a flexible and open SD-WAN based on uCPE.

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Enea, Intel Showcase Firewall- Protected Open Source SD-WAN

This Intel white paper describes an SD-WAN and security solution based on open source VNFs and Enea NFV Access.


“SD-WAN will evolve into a universal enterprise networking fabric”

Roy Chua

Founder and Principal, AvidThink

Benefits for uCPE and SD-WAN

A flexible and scalable platform turning any white box into an open uCPE


Virtualization designed for uCPE reduces cost and complexity to make also cost-sensitive applications and high-volume deployments viable.

No Lock-in

Only open interfaces and open protocols guarantees a fully lock-in free software platform


Use with any white box, any VNF, and any orchestrator. Unrivaled scalability and a true pure-play platform enables virtualization with only best-of-breed solutions.


No more human errors and time-consuming manual management, Enea NFV Access offers Secure Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), Ansible automation, and easy inegration with orchestration.


Scaling from 2 core/2GB RAM devices to high-end servers, Enea NFV Access removes the need to maintain different platforms for different use cases

effortless management

Cloud based management with NETCONF designed specifically for uCPE, eliminates the need for complex data center solutions with large footprint like OpenStack

Demo of Enea NFV Access and Enea uCPE Manager

See the leading uCPE virtualization platform in action together with Fortinet's SD-WAN VNF on Advantech's FWA-011 and FWA-3050 white box appliances.

3 Key Takeaways for SD-WAN Deployed on uCPE

Karl Mörner, VP Product Management Enea, brings up his 3 key takeaways for deploying SD-WAN on whitebox uCPE.



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Building a Better SD-WAN with uCPE by SDXCentral

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Customer Case

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CMC Networks maximizes SD-WAN services flexibility with Enea NFV Access.

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Service Provider Blue Print

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Tier 1 Service Provider Blueprint: Implementing Practical, Cost-Effective uCPE

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Application Note

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Designed for uCPE scalability: NETCONF-based management without OpenStack

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Enea NFV Partner Ecosystem

We embrace an open architecture that allows our partner network to extend and strengthen our platforms. Together we can do more and reach further. We work with the leading hardware and software vendors to make sure you have access to verified solutions built on best-of-breed components.

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“SD-WAN will evolve into a universal enterprise networking fabric”

Roy Chua

Founder and Principal, AvidThink