Press Releases

The Board of Enea resumes acquisition of treasury shares

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 25 May, 2010 – Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) has decided to use the authorization received at the annual general meeting to acquire and transfer treasury shares.    

The authorization implies that acquisition of treasury shares on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, or in any another way, may at each time not lead to that held shares exceed ten per cent of all shares in the Company. Acquisitions of shares on the stock exchange may only be made at a price within the registered price interval at the stock exchange. Transfer of shares in connection with acquisitions of businesses may be made at a market price estimated by the board. The authorization lasts until the AGM 2011. The purpose of the authorization is to give the Board the opportunity to adjust the capital structure of the Company and to enable financing, in whole or in part, in connection with acquisitions of businesses.

Enea holds at the present 1,002,043 treasury shares, which equals 5.5 per cent of all shares in the company.