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Interim Report for the Period January 1 – September 30, 2005

Improved margins and strengthened product portfolio

Year to date • Net sales increased by 10 percent to SEK 518 (470) million. Following an adjustment for divested units, net sales increased by 28 percent. • Profit after tax improved to SEK 59 (-6) million. The deferred tax asset for registered offices in Sweden has been capitalized which has had a positive effect on tax costs by SEK 24 million. • Earnings per share improved to SEK 0.16 (-0.02). • Operating profit improved to SEK 40 (-3) million Third quarter • Net sales amounted to SEK 164 (158) million. This is Enea’s sixth consecutive quarter of sales growth, year on year. • Operating profit improved to SEK 16 (10) million, equivalent to an operating margin of 10 percent. • Software sales increased by 2 percent to SEK 60 (59) million, accounting for 36 (37) percent of the Group’s net sales. • Cash flow from operating activities improved to SEK 16 (-11) million, with cash in hand amounting to SEK 174 (95) million. • New sales office opened in Shangai, China, during September. The entire report: see attchment.