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Enea’s SoC Platform Consolidates ARM®-based Software Systems

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, February 25, 2014. Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic: ENEA) a leading operating system solution vendor for telecom infrastructure equipment, is working with HP, ARM® and Texas Instruments (TI) on a System-on-Chip (SoC) platform for next generation mobile infrastructure and networking. Customers can now focus on their differentiating applications rather than solving interoperability problems related to the fragmentation and complexity of the underlying heterogeneous hardware.

The SoC platform was developed with communication systems and Software Defined Networks (SDN) in mind, providing excellent hard real-time and throughput characteristics on TI’s KeyStone™ II-based device with components tested individually and integrated in one solution.

“One of the fundamental benefits, characterized by the SoC platform from Enea, is the ease of application portability between providers of ARM based hardware”, said Daniel Forsgren, SVP Product Management, Enea. “This makes it an ideal foundation for consolidating the ARM ecosystem, removing porting obstacles, improving freedom of hardware choice, and accelerating innovation in next generation ARM based servers.“

“The scalability and high performance of our KeyStone II-based SoCs coupled with the low power requirements of the HP Moonshot System, enables customers to develop optimum solutions for various markets including high performance computing, cloud computing and the communications infrastructure market,” said Sanjay Bhal, focused end equipment manager, HPC and cloud, TI. “Enea’s SoC platform solution allows customers to take the high level of performance with a low power envelope and focus on differentiating their designs regardless of the complex heterogeneous hardware.”

“HP Moonshot systems combine the innovation of SoCs with breakthrough infrastructure design to provide optimum application performance with dramatic savings in space, power, and cost. , said Susan Blocher, VP, Moonshot Marketing and Business Development, HP. “The HP Moonshot System for telecommunication applications gives operators and network equipment providers the ability to build customized solutions that deliver optimal performance at lower cost and ultimately provide better experiences to their customers.”

The Enea SoC Platform is an evolved variant of the previously announced Enea Linux Base Station Platform and is built on proven, market leading components from the Enea solutions portfolio. Enea Linux, a Yocto ProjectTM based Linux distribution, is integrated with Enea’s compact kernel, real-time operating system for DSPs, and Enea LINX, an IPC providing communication services between DSP cores as well as between ARM and each DSP core. It comes with development tools and customizable range of services, maintenance, and support.