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Enea Wins New Wireless Deal Worth MSEK 30

Customized Software Deal One of Largest in Enea History

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, and SAN JOSE, Calif., March 6, 2008 – Enea (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a world leading provider of network software and services, has been entrusted by a telecom customer to develop new functionality for its own RTOS, Enea OSE® and its file system. The deal is significant in respect to both order value and status. The value of the deal amounts to MSEK 30. The development work, which will be carried out throughout the year, will result in an optimized RTOS for a new generation of 3G mobile phones. The new product is delivered at the end of 2008. For the customer the optimization bring important benefits such as improved performance and lower cost of development for future mobile platforms.

“We are very proud to win this deal as it displays the trust the client has for Enea and our RTOS, Enea OSE. The deal also cements our position as a leading supplier of RTOSes for advanced 3G mobile phones", said Johan Wall, President and CEO, Enea.

Enea OSE is a feature rich commercial RTOS deployed by half of the world’s 3G mobile phones. The software powers 350 million of the new mobiles delivered during last year, a number equivalent to 30 percent of the 1, 2 billion mobiles which were sold that year.

The new product delivery from Enea enables a modular and performance optimized architecture that will give the customer a number of advantages, such as quicker integration of applications and greater flexibility when building their own mobile platforms. Within the scope of the deal lies also the mission to further develop the functionality for demand paging which is found in the latest release of Enea OSE 5.3.

“Demand paging is a function of growing interest for mobile manufacturers”, said Johan Wall. “With the steady increase of software in mobile phones demand paging is an important functionality to further optimize the usage of RAM-memory and thus bring down the bill of materials.”

Facts on demand paging in Enea OSE
With the added functionality of demand paging telecom clients are able to further optimize the usage of RAM-memory. Enea OSE 5.3 is already optimized to save memory and consequently lower the costs for mobile RAM-memory. Enea OSE requires less than 150 kB and with demand paging, developers are able to move data between costly RAM-memory and less costly flash memory, which merits lower bill of materials costs for manufacturers of mobile phones. With demand paging the end-user gains advantages such as less power consumption and faster start-up mode on the mobile phones.

Enea will include the above new functions in the next release Enea OSE 5.4.