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Enea signs 1.2 MUSD Asian deal

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 20 July, 2011 – Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) today announced that its Asian operation has signed an agreement with a telecom company. The agreement is worth 7.9 MSEK (1.2 MUSD) in total and includes licenses for Enea’s products related to base station development and product related services.

Of the total value, 3.0 MSEK is related to licenses for the middleware platform dSPEED, the realtime operating system OSEck for digital signal processors and the inter processor communication tool Linx. The customer has also signed an agreement to use product related consulting services to a value of 4.9 MSEK.

”This is a yet another proof of our strong position within telecoms.”, said Per Åkerberg, President and CEO for Enea. “To be successful in Asia is also a key factor when realizing Enea’s long term vision of creating an Enea that is much larger than what we see today.”

The license part of the total deal value has been recognized in the second quarter. The consulting income will be recognized over the project period which runs until the year end. The agreement also includes future maintenance fees and royalty for each system sold.