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Enea Announces Release of Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0

New Version Offers Broad Support for Multiple DSP and Blade Platforms

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, and SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 26, 2008 – Enea (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a world leading provider of network software and services, today announced the availability of the Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0, offering extensive industry hardware and software support for the management of high performance digital signal processors (DSP) clusters, including out-of-the-box support for the RadiSys Promentum ATCA-9100 board.

The Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0 delivers comprehensive support for DSP farms in the data plane, giving customers a head-start, dramatically simplified integration, verification and maintenance resulting in significantly reduced time to market and overall product life-cycle cost. Featuring flexible support for industry software and hardware, Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0 gives customers freedom of choice and also offers a unique, simulated, “1-Day to Application Development” environment for developing and managing complete DSP farms.

“Since its initial launch, the Enea dSPEED Platform has seen increasing gains in market adoption and is now available on several industry-leading platforms,” said Terry Pearson, vice president of marketing at Enea. “The inherent flexibility of the product design for different DSP silicon, control environments, and blade implementations means our customers can future proof their development efforts and implement industry leading DSP management solutions with confidence.”

Built atop the Enea LINX inter process communication services, Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0 supports multiple DSPs, among them the TI C64x+ family, the LSI SP2603 and the Enea OSE ck Soft Kernel, as well as a broad range of DSP management processors, such as Freescale PQIII MPC8548, x86, PowerPC and Enea OSE Soft Kernel. In addition to its support of the RadiSys Promentum ATCA-9100, the Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0 supports board vendors such as Mercury MTI-104 and BCC-101 and Embedded Planet EP8548A.

“The Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0 enhances the time to market acceleration and R&D cost reduction the market demands”, said Todd Etchieson, vice president of Communications Networking Product Management at RadiSys. “The RadiSys Promentum ATCA-9100 media resource module offers the highest density of DSPs through its innovative architecture of modular multi-core DSP farms, Ethernet and SRIO switching and blade management through the local management processor. Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0 enables more efficient management of the high density DSP farms and accelerates media processing application development.”

Extending the capabilities of Enea’s industry leading DSP real-time operating system Enea OSE ck, the Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0 provides a complete set of DSP management services including boot loading, start up and configuration, error handling and supervision, monitoring, event notification, logging and tracing, diagnostics and statistics, and remote debugging.

Demonstrations of the Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0 will be featured at the 2008 Texas Instruments Developer Conference (TIDC). The Enea dSPEED Platform 2.0 will be generally available March 28, 2008. For more information, visit