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Enea and PureWave Partner to Bring Advanced WiMAX Basestations to Market

PureWave Incorporates Enea Accelerator Platform in WiMAX Basestations

Stockholm, Sweden, and Santa Clara, California,- January 29,  2009 – Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a world leading provider of network software and services, today announced that PureWave Networks, an innovative US-based WiMAX equipment manufacturer, has purchased Enea® Accelerator 2.0 for their next generation base stations. The deal was finalized during the fourth quarter of 2008. 

"Middleware development is one of the most complex, costly, and time-consuming aspects of deploying reliable, high-availability networked systems. Enea's solution provides an off-the-shelf communications and network management solution that enables us to focus our development efforts on what makes PureWave's WiMAX solutions unique, such as advanced beamforming and true spectrum re-use technology. Using Enea allows us to accelerate the launch of our next generation carrier grade base station which is scheduled for later this year," said Dan Picker, CTO, PureWave. 

"We're pleased that PureWave has chosen to work strategically with Enea to accelerate deployment of their advanced WiMAX base station", said Åsa Landén Ericsson, president and CEO, Enea. "Customers have increasingly unique requirements for solving industry problems and company-specific criteria make a one-size-fits-all software solution impractical. Enea is the one company that can provide custom solutions, standardized solutions, or any combination in between." 

PureWave's goal is to transform the economics of WiMAX and LTE, through a combination of advanced technology, an innovative product offering and the most cost-effective products. PureWave is developing small form-factor WiMAX base stations, which combine the power, performance and sophisticated features of a traditional macro base station, with the small footprint and competitive pricing of pico base stations. The products will leverage advanced beamforming technology that optimizes spectral efficiency, data throughput and range. The small form-factor WiMAX base stations are designed for all outdoor installation, are tower, pole or wall mountable, and require no indoor shelter. 

Facts on Enea Accelerator

The Enea Accelerator 2.0 is an application-ready communications platform for building carrier grade network equipment. Backed by Enea's expert team of 500 professional consulting services, the Enea Accelerator gives network equipment providers ranging from start ups to Tier 1's the complete platform they need to accelerate deployment of converged services that will change how the world communicates. The heart of the Enea Accelerator Platform is Enea®  Element, a suite of high-availability, standards-based middleware services for building robust, high-performance applications and integrating hardware and system software components into a cohesive communications platform. The Accelerator also includes Enea®  LINX interprocess communications services and Tail-f Systems' ConfD network management software. Other optional components include a high-performance embedded relational database management system, Polyhedra® , and a carrier grade Linux distribution.