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From information previously available it has not been clear who the ultimate owner of certain blocks of shares in Enea is. A disclosure notice from shareholder Per Lindberg has now provided more clarity.

According to a disclosure notice filed by Per Lindberg with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Per Lindberg’s position in Enea corresponds to 37.5 per cent of the shares and 4.7 per cent of the votes in Enea. The position includes holdings via capital insurance policies where Per Lindberg has no voting rights.

According to the notice, Per Lindberg’s percentage of votes in Enea has decreased to below 5 per cent following Enea’s recently announced directed share issue.


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Enea is a global supplier of network software platforms and world class services, with a vision of helping customers develop amazing functions in a connected society. We are committed to working together with customers and leading hardware vendors as a key contributor in the open source community, developing and hardening optimal software solutions. Every day, more than three billion people around the globe rely on our technologies in a wide range of applications in multiple verticals – from Telecom and Automotive, to Medical and Avionics. We have offices in Europe, North America and Asia, and are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Discover more at and start a conversation at [email protected].

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