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A Tympanometer for Christmas

Enea Ties its Corporate Social Responsibility to Employee Volunteer Activities

Stockholm, Sweden, December 2, 2008 – Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a world leading provider of network software and services, has shifted its CSR strategy to focus on employee causes. The employees can request aid for specific humanitarian projects that they are committed to as a volunteer.  

"By basing our CSR on the volunteer work of our employees we have found a new way to show our gratitude for their hard work. As an added bonus we also achieve a closer relationship with the projects and can follow the investment pay off", said Åsa Landén Ericsson, President and CEO, Enea. 

Enea selects one project to support each year. The new strategy allows the company to show appreciation for volunteer efforts as well as achieving a closer tie to aid-projects. This year's aid was awarded to a project helping hearing impaired in Moldova, Europe's poorest nation. 

Tanja Solovej, who works in the accounting department at Enea, is a volunteer for the society for the hearing impaired in Stockholm. Over the past ten years she has been involved in a project that aims to improve the care for the hearing impaired in Moldova. Today, hearing impaired can only get care in the capital Chisinau. Most families cannot afford to pay for the journey or the visit to the care facility.  

This fall, Tanja and the team were finally able to start a hearing centre at a boarding school for hearing impaired in Tiraspol, a city with 130 000 inhabitants. The basis of the project is to help them help themselves, and the goal is to establish a care facility that runs independently without further contributions from the outside.  

Enea contributes to the project by donating a typanometer, which can conduct effective hearing tests on infants as young as two months old. The child will be retested when he or she is older to establish the degree and the cause of the hearing loss. The tympanometer ensures that hearing loss is discovered early, and that the child can get proper care from an early age. 

"The tympanometer is at the top of the wish list at the hearing central. Getting it will be a huge step towards working more independently. Once they have the know-how as well as the proper equipment, they will be able to lead the way in the development of the care for the hearing impaired in Moldova", said Tanja Solovej, Enea employee and volunteer. 

"I am impressed by Tanja's work and I am very proud that Enea can make a contribution that will have such a positive impact on so many lives", said Åsa Landén Ericsson.