Openwave Mobility Enables Seamless Sign-On Across Encrypted Sites with the GSMA’s Mobile Connect

Openwave Mobility Integrates the GSMA’s Mobile Connect with Digital Identity Solution, SmartIDM

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and MWC AMERICAS – September 11, 2017 – Openwave Mobility, a software innovator enabling operators to manage and monetize encrypted mobile data, today announced that it has integrated the GSMA’s Mobile Connect into its digital identity solution, SmartIDM. Mobile Connect is a secure, seamless authentication solution which matches a user to their mobile device. That means that mobile subscribers can eliminate the frustration of remembering usernames and passwords and securely sign into websites and applications with a single click.

Until now, operators using Mobile Connect have relied on “HTTP Header Enrichment” technology to enable seamless authentication. However, Header Enrichment does not work with encrypted traffic (HTTPS) streams, which now represent the majority of mobile data traffic globally. As websites and mobile applications increasingly embrace encryption, this adversely affects the seamless authentication user experience. Uniquely, SmartIDM can identify users even across encrypted data streams.

Now, operators using Mobile Connect can ensure a seamless authentication user experience over encrypted and unencrypted websites and applications, as SmartIDM is interoperable with the Mobile Connect ecosystem. Likewise, operators that have yet to sign up to Mobile Connect can be assured that it will now work effectively with encrypted sites and applications.

In addition, with SmartIDM, operators can now also create new revenue streams by collaborating with OTTs. SmartIDM enables operators to share subscriber information securely, including digital identity, preferences, and context with OTT content providers and financial institutions. Information shared with OTT content providers is controlled using operator policies, partnership agreements and consumer consent. Launched in September 2016, SmartIDM is part of Openwave Mobility’s portfolio of Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solutions which have been deployed by tier-1 operators in the US, Europe and Asia.

Matt Halligan, Openwave Mobility’s CTO and VP of Engineering said: “With SmartIDM’s integration with Mobile Connect, we have addressed a serious gap in the market – an effective alternative for HTTP Header Enrichment. This is a vital new addition to the Mobile Connect ecosystem and one which will improve the functionality for operators and usability for subscribers.”


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