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5G Equipment Identity Register


Protect your revenue and prevent misuse of your network

The Enea 5G Equipment Identity Register (5G-EIR) is a key solution for authentication of mobile devices in the network, including IoT devices, preventing misuse of network and abuse of paid services.

The 5G-EIR is an independent network component coupled via Service Based Interfaces (SBI) that helps telecom operators protect their networks. As a solution, it provides a mechanism to restrict malicious user terminals in a mobile network.  


Reduces operation costs, vendor dependency and increasing flexibility


True 5G database approach

Allows access to multiple databases in parallel through a universal data management approach



New opportunities

Enea 5G-EIR enables unified FCAPS infrastructure optimized for each operator needs and with support for all use cases

Granular Device Control

For operators, the solution allows separation of devices and contracts. So when a listing needs to be done based on a request, the Enea 5G-EIR blocks only the device, rather than blocking all services to a subscriber. This way, subscribers can enjoy use of paid services across their other devices, adding to their trust of the operator.


Enea 5G-EIR runs on the principles of micro-service architecture, like other Enea products such as: Enea Access Manager and Enea Policy Manager. These products have a stateless frontend, providing a seamless software-based implementation on all IT standard platforms. The solution is fully standards compliant with 3GPP Specifications for 5G-EIR functionality and offers an extensive set of features for implementing such as: active triggering, reporting, alarming, service logic and more.

A Single Unified Access Point

Furthermore, Enea 5G-EIR provides a single unified access point for the authentication of mobile devices in the network. It does this by having access to multiple databases in parallel, keeping the 5G universal data management in full momentum. It even features the interface to the EIR via S13 that allows the re-use of the information stored for 4G and as such supports interworking. The Enea 5G-EIR supports external entities access such as the IMEI DB as maintained by GSMA. 

Enea 5G-EIR Key Features

  • Enea 5G-EIR offers dynamic service detection via central Network Repository Function (NRF) allowing easy management of single services like upgrade, removal and use-case specific access
  • Functional services are fully stateless as 5G-EIR works on the same principles as micro-service architecture like other Enea products
  • Allows access to multiple databases and different interfaces that can derive the true status of the device
  • Built for multi-vendor 5G Core and avoids siloing. Supports cloud deployment as well as containerized application deployment for all services
  • Compliance with the 3GPP Release 16 for 5G-EIR functionality
  • Provides operators with the opportunity to offer additional security services to subscribers

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