Kalray and Qosmos Announce Partnership

Partnership to Benefit Security Applications and Data Center Providers

San Francisco Calif., – February 29, 2016 – Kalray, a leading provider of acceleration solutions for data centers, and Qosmos®, the leader in deep packet inspection (DPI) and IP classification technology, today announced at the RSA Security Conference, a partnership to benefit security applications and data center providers. Both companies will be at the RSA Conference (Kalray booth 4046; Qosmos, booth 2427), Moscone Center, San Francisco, Calif., from February 29 – March 4.

Kalray’s MPPA® (Massively Parallel Processor Array) high speed I/O processor is an ideal and unique solution to manage low latency, low power, and high data throughput applications in the data center networking or storage infrastructure. KONIC-80, Kalray’s smart NIC based on MPPA is capable of sustaining an 80GbE line rate with the ability to encrypt and decrypt on the fly.

Qosmos ixEngine® is a Software Development Kit (SDK) composed of libraries and tools that are easily integrated into networking and security products. It is already established as the de facto industry-standard for embedded DPI-based IP classification and metadata extraction. Networking vendors, security specialists, and cloud service providers widely use Qosmos to gain application visibility, accelerate development and benefit from continuous protocol signature updates that strengthen capabilities of new solutions.

“By porting Qosmos ixEngine on KONIC, Qosmos and Kalray will accelerate DPI performance while offloading the main server processor allowing customers to use this extra time for others critical applications,” said Eric Baissus, Kalray’s CEO.

Performance should be quickly boosted by a large factor when KONIC-80 implements the fast path in which all the packets already identified by Qosmos ixEngine running on the server will be directed to the MPPA to be filtered according to the user defined rules. Another major acceleration is planned in a second phase by porting a light version of Qosmos ixEngine on the MPPA allowing it to manage almost 100% of the flows directly on KONIC-80.

“Data center products can now leverage the combination of extreme speed and detailed, real time traffic intelligence,” said Erik Larsson, VP of marketing at Qosmos. This is becoming increasingly important for cyber security in virtualized environments.”

About Kalray
Kalray Inc., is a fabless semiconductor company and pioneer in many-core processor solutions. Its innovative MPPA® architecture uniquely delivers high-speed I/O processing, enabling real-time acceleration for cloud applications in security, networking and storage.

For more information, visit http://www.kalrayinc.com

About Qosmos
Qosmos leads the market for IP traffic classification and network intelligence technology used in physical, SDN and NFV architectures. The company supplies software to vendors who embed real-time application visibility in their products for traffic optimization, service chaining, quality of service, analytics, cyber security and more. Qosmos customers benefit from fast time to market and continuous signature updates for their products. As the leading supplier of IP traffic classification and network intelligence software, Qosmos contributes actively to open source projects and international standards, and serves 75% of the market.