Liberty Latin America and Aptilo Shortlisted for Wi-Fi Now Awards

Once again we are finalists for an award together with our customer Liberty Latin America (LLA). This time it is Wi-Fi Now that has shortlisted us in Best Wi-Fi Service Provider category. It must be the innovative way they are rolling out homespots in selected markets across Central America and the Caribbean.

The rollout started with Liberty’s wholly owned Trinidadian subsidiary, Flow Trinidad. Aptilo and Flow completed the deployment of over 100,000 homespots in only 45 days.

This initiative allows Liberty Latin America to expand the benefits of their FlowID Identity Management service for customers across their portfolio of companies.

Thanks to Enea Aptilo SMP and the use of Flow ID, there is very little, if any, customer support required. Once the user has logged in for the first time, their mobile device will memorize the Flow ID credentials automatically.

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