Join AT&T and Learn About Cloud Gaming and the Mobile Edge – New Microcast on June 11

All of the players in the gaming ecosystem – mobile network operators (MNOs), cloud service providers and gaming service providers – have been impacted by the massive upsurge in gaming traffic created by Covid-19. What lessons have been learned about the future of cloud gaming and the mobile edge? Join a Microcast featuring AT&T and Analsys Mason on June 11 to find out.

AT&T Labs’ Thomas Cannon, Lead Principal Technical Architect, and Gorkem Yigit, Lead Analyst with Analysys Mason, examine the trends with Indranil Chatterjee, Senior Vice President Product & Sales with the Openwave Mobility Business Unit at Enea. They discuss the impact that latency has on mobile cloud gaming, ways operators can incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to address latency, the impact of seamless mobile identity, the evolution of the cloud gaming ecosystem and ways in which operators are investing in mobile edge technology.

How does latency impact mobile gaming?

One of the key topics for the microcast centers on latency and its impact to mobile cloud gaming. The panelists will discuss two specific types of latency and how they’re being addressed by operators and others in the gaming ecosystem.

The microcast also will delve into how AI and ML are being used to combat latency, including new approaches, architectures and methods. Moreover, discussion will focus on ways in which 5G networks create new opportunities for combatting latency and improving the mobile gaming experience.

Additionally, the microcast will explore the importance of enabling seamless mobile identities, which store username and password data from gamers. Not only does this simplify the sign-on process for gamers, it also enables them to transition seamlessly from one device to another. Moreover, the microcast will feature discussion about how mobile identities are used to combat cheating and ensure the performance statistics of gamers.

The microcast also will examine how the cloud gaming ecosystem is changing and its impact on the success of gaming services. A number of industry partnerships will be discussed to illustrate ways in which the ecosystem is adapting and growing for mobile cloud gaming.

Also hear from Analysys Mason about the results from a recent operator survey about the types of applications they’re expecting to enable with edge clouds – all in 15 mins!

Bite-sized thought leadership

The Mobile Video Industry Council Microcast series provide short 15-minute videos that feature thought leaders and commentators who examine a range of mobile operator challenges and market opportunities.

Previous microcasts have looked at how operators are managing the network during the Coronavirus crisismobile operator benchmarking reports and the impact of cloud gaming on mobile networks, and 5G deployment and data management in a changing world.

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