White Paper Excerpt

White Paper Excerpt

Every IoT Customization Mustn’t Be a Project

We believe that there is enormous potential to stop making customized development as soon a customer wants something beyond a standard service.


Hyperscale Cellular IoT – White Paper

This is an excerpt from our white paper Hyperscale Cellular IoT. The full white paper is available here if you like what you read. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Automation Is Key to Scale IoT

Auto customization with hyperscale cellular IoT connectivity management

As discussed in our previous post, Why Cellular IoT is Another Story, many mobile operators only have two IoT offerings: very basic services or costly tailor-made deployments. Also, many tailor-made implementations can be very similar, showing the potential to deliver those more cost-effectively. With a Hyperscale solution, such as Enea Aptilo IoT CCS, it is easy for mobile operators to be agile and create new value-added services that fit the requirements of multiple customers. As a result, it will be possible to move the bulk of customization projects over to this programmable layer of IoT connectivity management in the cloud. This introduces unprecedented speed to the market and increased flexibility, instantly deployed with any customer.

In this auto-customization approach with self-management portals, customers can make defined customizations themselves, tailor connectivity policies and manage their firewall settings and Enterprise VPNs.

Such an approach will allow mobile operators to scale their IoT connectivity services with high profit while keeping customers happy by delivering a tailored service. They can now focus more on the advanced tailor-made development they still need.

The logic and security part of a tailor-made development project can also benefit from being handled in the cloud. It is faster to deploy new server or firewall nodes, and it is possible to dedicate and isolate specific nodes for the customer.

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