Ilse Muller

Director Policy Management and ENUM

Ilse holds the position of Product Manager and has 20 years of experience in telecommunications. Her goal is to create state-of-the-art, high-quality products that excite customers. She started her career at Siemens and made a name for herself as a project manager, requirements engineer, and program manager. The broad experience Ilse has gained in these positions is a priceless contribution to Enea. She lives in Vienna, Austria, and holds a Master in Technical Physics.

Insights by Ilse Muller

Why you need dual-mode policy to monetize 5G

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Tags: 4G 5G Policy , Charging , PCRF PCF

A new approach is needed for policy and charging in 5G

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Tags: 4G 5G Policy , Charging , Dual Mode , PCRF PCF , Policy