5 questions mobile operators must answer to monetize 5G and cloud gaming

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Gaming is the fastest-growing segment of entertainment with over 2.5 billion global participants. For platforms such as Netflix, video games such as Fortnite provide as much competition as Disney+ and other streaming services. Gaming is moving from console to cloud, fixed to mobile and in the near future gamers can expect to play their games on any device anywhere.

  1. What is driving the growth of cloud gaming?

Technology advancements in smartphones, cloud computing, and wireless connectivity are fuelling the rise of mobile gaming. Goldman Sachspredicts in its “The World of Games: eSports: From Wild West to Mainstream” report, that there will be more than 270 million global esports players by 2022, explaining, “Put simply, the gaming industry has gone into overdrive, and it’s a juggernaut headed straight for mobile.” Smartphone hardware enhancements such as the Snapdragon 865 processor, coupled with advanced GPU and display capabilities, promise to offer a near equivalent gaming experience on mobiles as on consoles and PCs.

Mobile operators have the opportunity to capture this growth so long as they remain focused on cloud gaming player experience, specifically, their gamers’ internet connection, gaming traffic, and overall network congestion. Cloud gaming platforms must deliver a seamless experience for users as even casual gamers will expect a Netflix-like experience: their videogame stream should match their video stream.

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