4 Ways Enea Traffic Management Can Help Operators Counter the Impact of Rising Network Costs

Global economic turbulence and political tensions are impacting the basic economic reality of cost for almost every industry. The telecom industry is no exception and is not insulated from this scenario. The cost of goods and energy consumed cannot be directly passed on to users because the disposable income of users is under the same pressure. Leading network infrastructure providers are being impacted by the increasing costs of hardware and services. Ongoing supply chain issues are becoming a major constraint, notably within the network infrastructure and optical networks business.

Many operators have had to increase their prices. In the US, some operators have announced price hikes for their mobile plans by up to 20%, while customers in the UK will see hikes of up to 12% by leading network providers. In South Asia, particularly in India, all the major telcos have increased their mobile tariffs by 20% to 25%, raising fear of higher prices and inflation.

Rising infrastructure costs and the pressure of ramping up investments for upcoming 5G deployments, coupled with the cost of acquiring more spectrum for 5G, are not the only major challenges that operators are facing.

The other two big challenges for operators here are:

  • To utilize their current 4G/5G infrastructures optimally
  • To consider the fact that as they increase tariffs for their subscribers, the expectations of getting a consistently great user experience from the network also go up and increase the risk of churn, even if this move increases the operator’s average revenue per user (ARPU) in the short term

Operators need effective strategies and robust solutions that help them to utilize their existing 4G/5G networks optimally and at the same time accommodate the growing subscriber count.

Enea can help operators maximize their 4G/5G networks optimally and boost savings. Based on our proprietary algorithms, here are four ways our award-winning traffic management solutions have been helping operators:

  • Increasing RAN capacity and boosting savings: Our solutions reduce highly congested user sessions by 15%, resulting in savings and additional network capacity, thereby delivering 25% more data.
  • Delivering outstanding subscriber quality of experience (QoE): Packet drops in the network are reduced by 10%, leading to a consistent quality of video, a better browsing experience, and an optimized and latency-free streaming session.
  • Providing enhanced resource utilization: Enea’s proprietary machine learning algorithms help operators configure the congestion management controls they need, thereby boosting RAN efficiency.
  • Handling encrypted traffic effectively: The impact of encrypted traffic at the RAN level is reduced by as much as 20%. It gives deep visibility into the network traffic, helping operators to monetize existing 4G/5G assets while building new 5G infrastructure.

Mobile operators need to examine these solutions to maximize their network capacity and subscriber experience. Enea offers a consultative workshop to help operators do this and to find the right solutions that best fit their needs. Tried and proven in the field, this workshop can be performed onsite or online and includes:

  • Identifying and diagnosing your current infrastructure, resource utilization levels, and congestion hotspots
  • Benefits and limitations of established solutions, including use cases and success stories from our global deployments
  • Guidance on which solutions will make the most difference, in the shortest time, in your environment

The workshop is complimentary to qualified mobile operators. Inquiries to: [email protected]

For more information regarding our Traffic Management products, please visit:

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