Operating Systems

Embedded Linux and RTOS

Embedded Linux and High-Performance Real-Time Operating Systems for Telecoms, Networking and Embedded Applications

Enea OSE

A robust, high-performance, real-time operating system optimized for multi-processor systems requiring true deterministic real-time behavior and high availability.

Enea OSE shortens development time, enhances reliability and reduces lifetime maintenance costs for a wide range of systems, from wireless devices and automobiles to medical instruments and telecom infrastructure.

Enea Linux

Commercial grade Linux for networking and real-time applications.

Commercially maintained and supported Linux distribution, Enea Linux accelerates time-to-market and reduces risks throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Enea OSEck

DSP RTOS optimized for high-performance, memory constrained applications.

Built on a compact kernel with small memory footprint, Enea OSEck brings rich functionality and true real-time behavior for single and multicore DSP devices.