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Cloud native managed mobile network protection, response and cyber threat intelligence to keep attackers in check.

Defending over 2.4 billion users worldwide from cyber threats.

Present in 9 of the top 10 mobile operator groups globally. Since 2006, Enea AdaptiveMobile’s comprehensive mobile Network Protection Platform defends networks against messaging and signaling cyber threats.

Enea AdaptiveMobile’s Network Security Solutions

  • 5G Network Cyber Threat Protection. A combination of cybersecurity solutions that operate in unison with security 5G networks, Slices, Vertical APIs and Subscribers.
  • Global Cloud Signaling Intelligence Layer (SIGIL). Providing operators with an in-depth understanding of the current and historical signaling threat landscape. Preventing and responding to SS7, DIAMETER, GTP-C and 5G network attacks.
  • Cloud Messaging Firewall. Protecting CPaaS platforms by analyzing, preventing and blocking the sending of risky voice, MMS, RCS and SMS messages such as phishing, smishing, voice abuse, spam or regulated content.
  • Signalling Firewall. Defending against SS7, DIAMETER, GTP-C and 5G attacks, as well as preventing new signaling threats
  • Messaging Firewall. Securing against SMS spam and phishing attacks. Preventing A2P revenue leakage, grey routes & gaining business insights to grow A2P revenues

Mobile Network-enabled Attacks in Hybrid Warfare

This white paper outlines emerging mobile network attack strategies in Hybrid Warfare including a newly revealed HiddenArt mobile threat actor.

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Discover the details of a major security flaw in the architecture of 5G Network Slicing and Virtualized Network Functions.
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Industry Recognition

As a world leader in mobile network security, Enea AdaptiveMobile’s products and services have been awarded and endorsed by its customers.

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