Cloud Messaging Firewall

Do you offer cloud-based voice, SMS, MMS and RCS communication services to companies? Then you must care about trust.

Enea AdaptiveMobile’s Cloud Messaging Firewall

When your CPaaS platform is a source of what carriers call regulated, malicious or unwanted content, your reputation is damaged and trust is lost, which may result in your company being blacklisted and your messages not being delivered.

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First SECaaS Cloud-based Solution for the CPaaS Market

The CPaaS market is running at a pace far faster than the mobile industry has ever experienced. This market has leveraged cloud native architectures to build highly scalable API based solutions for customers.


  • Enabling forensic CPaaS account based intelligence and controls to drive effective and trusted conversations.
  • Allowing business decisions through behavioural intelligence in addition to blocking unwanted messages.

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Enea AdaptiveMobile approach

Gone are the slow and capital intensive security projects of the past. Our customers can benefit from the peace-of-mind that only the Enea AdaptiveMobile Messaging SECaaS can provide in days not months.

Integrating infrastructure with the secured API means no time is wasted and no need for costly hardware infrastructure.

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Combatting Cyber Criminals in Asia

This case study outlines how Enea AdaptiveMobile helped a major mobile operator in Asia take action against cyber criminals targeting their subscribers.

PDF, 1.1MB

Case Study - Combatting Cyber Criminals in Asia

Cloud Messaging Security for CPaaS providers & Aggregators

Your defences will be continually tested for loopholes – Enea AdaptiveMobile’s voice, SMS, MMS and RCS firewall actively analyses, prevents and blocks the sending of risky content such as phishing, smishing, voice abuse, spam or regulated content.


Discover how Enea AdaptiveMobile can help protect your CPaaS A2P business & grow your revenues. Contact us to talk with one of our messaging firewall specialists.