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AI-Driven Message Categorization for SMS, MMS, and RCS

Save on delivery costs, boost revenue, and enforce compliance with Enea’s messaging categorization.

Boost A2P SMS Profitability

CPaaS providers use Enea’s AI-driven message categorization to boost A2P profitability. Reducing delivery costs through optimized routing and increasing revenue thanks to value-based pricing raise margins on A2P SMS, MMS, and RCS delivery.

Communication service providers use message categorization to enforce compliance with regulations and best sending practices.

Message Categorization Use Cases

Optimize delivery cost

  • Optimize messaging delivery costs by using AI-driven categorization to route messages according to their type.
  • Deliver less time-sensitive messages, such as promotional messages, on less costly routes.
  • Deliver time-sensitive messages, such as one-time passwords, on the fastest route to reach subscribers instantly.

Offer value-based pricing

  • Offer value-based pricing to brands to optimize revenue instead of applying flat fees for all messages, leaving money on the table. Pricing can be set differently depending on the type of conversation.
  • The AI-driven messaging categorization enforces pricing by checking that messages are sent as the declared type.

Comply with rules and regulations

  • Ensure messages are only delivered when and where they are allowed. Some countries, for example, have rules for when it is allowed to send promotional messages.
  • Use AI-driven message categorization to understand the purpose and type of each message and use firewall rules to enforce category-based policies.

Prioritize time-sensitive messages

  • Prioritize time-sensitive messages such as 2FA to ensure timely delivery and maintain customer satisfaction if message volumes approach capacity limits.

Separate time-sensitive, high-value, and non-compliant messages with message categorization

Not all SMS messages are equal. Notifications, authentications, and promotional messages are not equally time-sensitive and represent different values to brands. Authentication messages such as 2FA and OTP messages are typically very time-sensitive. In contrast, promotional messages often represent higher value to brands as they can be directly linked to revenue or customer acquisition.

However, the standard flat-fee pricing and delivery model used in most of the A2P messaging ecosystem assumes that every message is equally important and valuable. Lacking capabilities to separate time-sensitive or high-value messages has inhibited CPaaS providers from innovating new A2P delivery services and pricing models.

With Enea’s AI-driven messaging categorization, CPaaS and service providers can confidently and accurately categorize SMS, MMS, and RCS messages based on their content. This advanced technology, powered by a sophisticated machine learning algorithm, ensures efficient and precise message classification, enhancing delivery.

For CPaaS providers, the adoption of value-based pricing, guided by Enea’s AI-driven messaging categorization, can be a game-changer. It has the potential to significantly boost total revenues by replacing the outdated flat-fee model.

CPaaS and service providers can ensure strict adherence to regulations and rules for specific message categories, thanks to the robust AI-driven messaging classification system. This ensures a secure and compliant messaging delivery, maximizing sender reputation and minimizing the risk of regulatory penalties.


Enea’s AI-driven message categorization is available as an add-on to Enea Adaptive Messaging Firewall (for operators) and Enea Adaptive Messaging Firewall for CPaaS.

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