Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers

Enabling the Next Generation of Network Packet Brokers

Enhance your NPB solution with granular traffic visibility

Enabling the Next Generation of Network Packet Brokers

As networks evolve, there is increasing demand for Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) to play an active role in controlling and optimizing the flow of data to third-party management and security tools. To address expanding requirements and remain competitive in a constantly evolving environment, NPB vendors must propose next-generation solutions, able to perform more intelligent data processing across hybrid network architectures.

The granular traffic visibility and application-awareness required for the next generation of NPB solutions can be achieved through the integration of real-time classification based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology. The combination of precise traffic classification with extension modules, such as a rule engine, allows NPB developers to create more intelligent, accurate and efficient traffic filtering logic while also improving the effectiveness of downstream applications.

Qosmos NG DPI Engine

Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine® is an embedded next-generation Deep Packet Inspection (NG DPI) engine that analyzes traffic flows in real-time up to Layer 7. The information provided by Qosmos ixEngine can be used to create integrated, filtering mechanisms based on application, session, flow, user/subscriber, device and raw or calculated metadata.

Qosmos ixEngine is able to classify encrypted traffic and can operate in all types of architecture, identifying sessions from end-to-end, regardless of whether they use a virtualized, physical or hybrid infrastructure.

Enea Qosmos ixEngine enables the Next Generation of Network Packet Brokers


More Sophisticated Filtering and Extended NPB Functions

  • By leveraging information from Qosmos ixEngine, NPB vendors can offer sophisticated filtering and other advanced features such as de-duplication to optimize the quantity and timing of data sent to any external tool.
  • This information can also be used to expand the range of NPB functions to include security, performance management and analytics capabilities. NPB vendors adopting this approach can gain a competitive advantage against other NPB solutions but also capture part of the value delivered today by point-solution tools. 
Qosmos ixEngine provides more sophisticated filtering and extended NPB functions


Strengthening Next Generation Network Packet Brokers with Deep Packet Inspection

Strengthening Next Generation Network Packet Brokers with Enea Qosmos Deep Packet Inspection

Enea’s next-generation DPI engine, Qosmos ixEngine, identifies over 4300 applications and protocols, more than any other on the market.

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Qosmos ixEngine: Next-Generation DPI for Maximum Traffic Visibility

Qosmos ixEngine: Next-Generation DPI Engine for Maximum Traffic Visibility