Embedded DPI & Traffic Intelligence for Networking

Next-Gen DPI for Service Assurance

The Right Information at the Right Time with Built-in DPI

Boost your service assurance solutions with Next-Generation DPI

The Right Information at the Right Time with Built-in DPI

Service assurance solutions need very specific, detailed information on network performance, such as delay and packet latency, in order to compute Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In addition, they need to be able to carry out investigations through different angles: per individual subscriber, per handset type, per data content or per network element for example.

This level of detail and analysis requires very granular information on network traffic, including protocols and application metadata.

The Enea Qosmos Probe for Service Assurance

Enea Qosmos next-generation Deep Packet Inspection (NG DPI) technology is designed to identify the application behind each IP session and deliver detailed metadata from protocols and applications. The Enea Qosmos Probe provides this information in a package adapted for developers of Service Assurance solutions. Relevant metadata is available either in real time, via an API, or from a standard database with an open data model.

The Enea Qosmos Probe also supports fast data capture mechanisms such as DPDK and OVS in order to deliver information for services running on any type of infrastructure (physical, virtualized and hybrid).

75% of vendors who source their DPI embed Qosmos technology

Next-Generation DPI for Service Assurance

Example of Metadata Available for Service Assurance Applications

  • Flow metadata: application ID, jitter, packet loss, application response time, per flow, delay, MOS, timestamp.
  • User metadata: IP address, GTP.imsi, GTP.imei, SIP.caller, SIP.callee, RADIUS.login, DHCP.mac_address.
  • Device metadata: GTP.user_agent.

This information can be stored or streamed in real-time via standard interfaces for use by any third-party Service Assurance application.


Benefits for Service Assurance Solution Developers

  • The highly granular and timely information provided by the Enea Qosmos Probe enables Service Assurance solution developers to provide visibility and drill down capabilities that reduce resolution time for quality issues.
  • The Enea Qosmos Probe can be deployed on COTS hardware


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