5G Data Management

Private 5G

Connectivity for business and the Internet of Things

5G brings and Wi-Fi introduce new technologies for to connect businesses and physical devices like sensors and machines in private networks. Delivering dedicated network for businesses with the security, reliability, and instan t connectivity of the mobile network. Private 5G is especially suitable when connectivity is critical. For example, in automotive manufacturing where a minute of downtime costs an average of $ 22,000 or $ 1.3M per hour. These are typical high use, high value devices, for example assembly line robot systems for Industrial IoT.

Managed Wi-Fi connectivity is a more cost-effective way to connect many devices where connectivity is important, but less critical. Wi-Fi 6 adds many improvements that increase the coverage, speed, battery life and coverage of IoT use cases.

A combination of both 5G Access Network functions and Enea’s Service Management Platform for Wi-Fi (SMP) provides the most complete coverage for connectivity. The SMP is the world’s leading system for management of large-scale Wi-Fi services. The platform has been proven in large-scale deployments with 100+ operators in more than 75 countries.

5G Network Access Functions – Container Ready, Edge Ready, Radio Access Ready

Enea’s 5G functions can store and manages data, authorization and access across all 5G core and edge functions. Providing the vital link from Wi-Fi to Cellular network. Supporting 4G/5G interworking, it is based on technology that has been proven in multiple commercial deployments globally. Telecom operators and enterprises (such as System Integrators and vendors) can use our future-proof data management technology that can be leveraged for all verticals. The 5G functions give businesses a unified view of their data across their multiple locations.

The key capabilities that Enea provide are focused on functional scalability – from small solutions to large scale integration, open interfaces (3GPP R16/17, LDAP, HTTP/S, Diameter, UDICOM etc.) and specific authentication algorithms, credential & identity management.

The data management capabilities (Stratum Network Data Layer)  enable data to be resiliently distributed and synchronized across all sites for all users & IoT devices.

Automated Deployment

Out of the box solutions with resilient deployment for edge environments for Enterprises, partner vendors and System Integrators (SIs) for all subscriber data management components.

Containerized and Cloud Native

Each of the 5G functions utilizes a containerized / modularized architecture designed to integrate seamlessly into enterprise edge architectures

 SaaS & hybrid cloud models  

The solution is designed and developed to cater for all Industry 4.0 use cases, to make a viable edge 5G entity through improved network economics; mix private, public and network operator cloud environments

Key features:

  • Comprehensive agility:

    Enterprises can benefit from a complete solution that leverages Enea’s data and traffic management capabilities. It includes subscriber integration, provisioning and handling with added SIM card functionality

  • Business Oriented:

    Our products have zero-touch operations using self-management features, automated data synchronization, allowing quick adaptation of business logic

  • Interoperable:

    The solution is combined with our interoperability program where Enea has demonstrated that the modular architecture interworks with many of the largest and smallest players in the industry

  • Uses cases across all verticals:

    Businesses across a range of verticals can embrace the benefits from our Private 5G network applications across sectors such as industrial hubs, medical campuses or hospitals, mining, construction sites, ports, university campuses, agriculture and beyond


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