3GPP BSF & Authentication Proxy

Bootstrapping Server Function

Bootstrapping Server Function & Authentication Proxy

Telco Grade Number Mapping Solution (ENUM) has the option for an authentication proxy for self service access. A critical case when a user’s device / app wants to access telephony, presence or chat applications for example. The bootstrapping server function & authentication proxy terminates the secure TLS tunnel from the device and maps the request to specific application functions once authorized.

This enables automatic recognition of user device and application creating seamless communication services. Today BSF / Authentication Proxy is providing this capability to over 15-20m effective users globally via software partners


BSF & Authentication Proxy

  • Containerized Software 
  • Bootstrapping Server Function (BSF) [29.309] for 3GPP GIBA/GBA/GAA authentication
  • Network Application Function (NAF) and Authentication Proxy (AP) [3GPP 33.220, 33.222, 24.109, 29.109 & 33.203]
  • ​Supports Zh interface (HSS/HLR)
  • Efficient Session Store Caching reduces network load

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