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A Complete Embedded Linux Solution

Enea Linux provides high throughput, low latency, and determinism, specifically with physical networking and NFV use-cases in mind.

It offers optimized Linux kernels and driver configurations focused on networking use cases and specific customer needs.

Keeping up with the increasingly complex processor architecture and massive feature growth represents a significant risk in getting an embedded solution to market.

The support from a trusted partner with a mature embedded Linux platform is the key to reduce time-to-market and mitigate business-risks, so that you can develop groundbreaking software faster and more cost-effectively.


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Use-Case Driven Profiles

Carrier-grade profile

The Carrier-Grade profile provide a robust and secure platform for Carrier Grade platforms and applications.

Networking profile

The Networking profile provides a physical networking configuration optimized for high networking throughput.

Real-time profile

The Real-time profile is tuned and optimized to provide low latency and deterministic behaviour for use in time-sensitive applications.

Standard profile

The Standard profile provides a base configuration for building deterministic embedded platforms and applications.

Managed Linux Platform

We take full care of your Linux platform while you focus on innovation and adding value to your applications.

Quality Assured

Verified through customized testing for every delivery with ISO-9001:2015 certified development and delivery processes.


Enea Linux is purpose built and security hardened for every customer, with selected packages, eliminated dead code, and support for standard as well as customized hardware.

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