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World's Fastest Response Times for Multicore Systems

Enea OSE is a robust, high-performance, real-time operating system optimized for multi-processor systems requiring true deterministic real-time behavior and high availability. It shortens development time, enhances reliability and reduces lifetime maintenance costs for a wide range of systems, from wireless devices and automobiles, to medical instruments and telecom infrastructure.

Enea OSE is optimized for communication and control systems requiring high performance and hard real-time characteristics. It is deployed extensively in the areas of telecom networking systems, wireless devices, industrial automation, medical equipment, automotive and transportation equipment, as well as other embedded systems.

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Hybrid SMP/AMP Architecture

The twice award winning design of the Enea OSE multicore kernel provides the ease-of-use of Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) together with the scalability and determinism of Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP) and the performance of bare metal.

World-Class Support

Enea has decades of experience from telecom appliances and requirements, and is a recognized supplier of world class support services – including customizations and frozen branch support.


Enea OSE supports advanced protection and fault isolation. Together with the centralized error handling, it provides an availability above "five nines" (99.999%).

Linear Multicore Scalability

Enea OSE provides linear performance scalability for multicore and manycore devices. Its unique hybrid SMP/AMP design enables consistent performance on each core as more cores are added, even with a single OS instance. This ensures high throughput and low latency performance on devices ranging from single core to many core.

Topics and resources

Why Hybrid AMP/SMP Scales on Multicore

Kenneth Jealmo, Product Manager for Enea's real-time operating system "Enea OSE", explains multicore scaling and how a hybrid SMP/AMP operating system scales on multicore processors.

5G RAN Operating System Challenges

Adrian Leufvén, SVP OS Business Unit Enea, on the challenges and requirements of operating systems in 5G RAN.

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